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When you sell products on your website you can define one partner as yourself and then define products that you offer.

You can define additional partners for directory listing or for a marketplace offering. Each partner can define their own shopping cart, or you can use one shopping cart for all partners - think of partners as suppliers of goods you sell.

Partners can create their own homepages and manage their own mailing lists. You can sell this functionality to your partners for added cash flow. As an example, you could list basic information about businesses in your area free of charge but provide customizable homepage with product descriptions and coupons at upgrade cost to generate more revenue.


  • Full-featured and ready to go today - right "off-the-shelf"
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - Low start up & training costs with continuing low operating costs

Revenue Opportunities

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Partners can be listed in directories (see directory description). You could offer basic and premium listing services as well as premium mailing list management to generate additional revenues on your website.

Alternatively you could categorize products that you sell on your website based on suppliers. You can then link the goods to supplier specific homepage that will briefly introduce quality of goods and specialization of each of your suppliers, furthering the trust in products you sell. You could lists warranty information, for example, which can translate in more sales as your shopping users will not be afraid of buying products that you offer.

You can provide specific coupon functionality for discount products associated with partner or supplier.

On partner's homepage you could include link to custom business feedback forms. In these forms users could leave comments or even request that certain items be stocked. Feedback forms are very helpful tools as they allow interaction between visitors and business operators right from the comfort of the webpage.

Partner could pay or qualify for extra features such as eGroups, coupons, message boards or product display. These features are dynamically built into navigation allow for seamless experience.

Partners could publish their own newsletters. Newsletters could be archived and available for viewing on website for improved search engine traffic.

Partners could offer multiple profiles to visitors, such as color selection or custom graphic designs. Personalization of website is always welcome by visitors and makes them feel special.


Partner functionality is maintained by ke Solutions, so for TCO you need to take into account only actual partner management. The functionality of partners can be combined with directories, product listings and shopping carts, all of which are available for a small monthly fee or are included in your package subscription.

Partner functionality contributes to ROI in several possible ways - you could sub-sell placement and functionality to your partners directly affecting your bottom line. If you list partners for free, you can leverage search engine traffic to improve unique visitor count to your website. Number of visitors can directly impact amount of goods sold or price of advertisement placement on your website.


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Click here for Business Account Management documentation.