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The User module lets registered site users publish all kinds of information without technical expertise. The administrator is able to create multiple profiles templates and page layouts for users. Users can choose from a variety of page layouts.


Portal software return on investment is maximized by minimizing content administration and site operations costs while increasing revenues.

  • Full-featured and ready to go today - right "off-the-shelf"
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - Low start up & training costs with continuing low operating costs

Revenue Opportunities

  • Sell Sponsorships that prominently feature the sponsor in page headers
  • Charge for users to self-publish their sites in real-time by using Online Account Management for Users


The User module provides flexible, easy-to-use user-based content management focused on minimizing administrator involvement and cost.

A site can include a personal profile information, links, photo galleries, documents and resumes
A choice of site page layouts
A site may be password protected or publicly viewed
Links to ads can be featured in appropriate areas throughout the site
Site visitors can email or print page in one click


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Click here for User Account Management documentation.