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Partners can generate personalized coupons to increase their offline sales. When visitor requests a coupon, the coupon will be generated with disount information and expiration date as well as greetings with user's name, and will be emailed to their mailbox.

The user can then print out the coupon and take it with him/her to the offline location to enjoy discount. Partner will receive validated email address and can prompt user to subscribe to "specials" newsletter.

Some users will prefer to make purchase in retail locations but are not willing to pay more than advertised online. Coupons are great way for partners to extend their reach to those users, which are not yet comfortable with purchasing on the Internet.


  • Full-featured and ready to go today - right "off-the-shelf"
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - Low start up & training costs with continuing low operating costs

Revenue Opportunities

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Coupons are attractive to many users and can be used to generate more returns. Coupons are also helpful in improving offline business just as well as does coupon advertising in newspaper inserts. Furthermore, when requesting coupon, partner may suggest that user subscribes to available newsletters. This will build brand awareness for smaller businesses and improve market share for bigger players.

Since coupons are not open ended, users that want to enjoy additional discounts will be forced to visit the website again. This makes for improved return traffic.


Coupon functionality is maintained by ke Solutions, which translates into both lower TCO (either included in your package or available for a small monthly fee), and predictable TCO (no out of pocket expense due to unforeseen problems with message board deployment). On the cost side, this solution provides very attractive overall TCO. Furthermore TCO can be lowered by reselling functionality to partners.

Coupons contribute to ROI in many ways. If your business sells over the Internet and in physical locations, you can improve traffic to your websites by offering these coupons as well as attract people to browse your stores.

Partners could provide multitude of coupon options to fit the customer better. More potential customers to partner's store equals to more money in sales. Users are more likely to purchase when they feel they are getting a bargain. It is easy to create a feeling of real bargain by offering discounts in the form of personalized coupons. Coupons may determine from which of the two stores the user will purchase comparable items. If the coupons is on your side (or your partners), rather than competition, this translates into higher direct sales.


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Click here for Discount Coupons documentation.