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All ke ready-to-run websites include a built-in content management system that makes managing a website and it's content fast, simple and secure. A useful CMS relies on content intelligence - constructing a consistent taxonomy (grouping together similar items into very specific topical buckets which themselves can be grouped together into broader hierarchies) - a content management categorization application, and the integration of the content into the Website.


  • Non-technical, efficient website setup and management without programming skills
  • Full-featured and ready to go today - right "off-the-shelf"
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - Low start up & training costs with continuing low operating costs
  • Site redesign can be applied quickly and changed as often as desired


Unlimited content

No more limitation on the amount of pages on your website. Your visitors want content and we allow you to present it to them. Add content at anytime and ke will make sure all the links are updates to include your recently created content.

Dynamic content based on user level and user subscription

Define your own user levels and premium content services, designate the appropriate level for each content, and let ke do the rest. You'll have a subscription based website instantly. Pages of varied content can be quickly published that automatically reflect the site's design, branding, and navigation.Most sites will have the need for displaying instructional, marketing, or otherwise "special purpose" content. Administrators without web page design skills can easily add these new pages, content sections, and even publish photo galleries. With support for rich media, ability to easily include information from other snippets, HTML design editor, one click to select user level for content.

Dynamic Navigation

For each content page, a total of 16 levels of navigation, which means 16 possible different bars of links, are automatically available, making the website able to offer easy access from anywhere to everywhere. All "links" are created at the time a user requests the page, and based on what exists in the database.

Search Engine Lookup Codes

ke serves all pages dynamically from database. The page location (URL name) contains the name of the service displayed, product name, message board topic, partner information or any other keyword relevant to current view. Search engines will pick these keywords when crawling through website thus producing higher placement for the sought keywords. When website ranks high on keyword searches, more people are able to find it and visit. More visitors equal more sales, advertising revenues or brand awareness. Search engine traffic can be converted to additional revenue stream thus improving your bottom line.

Built-in Website Accelerator

All information served on website is stored in database. Good relational database allows for simple, yet powerful information management. Database based dynamic content however tends to be slightly slower than static website. Built-in accelerator engine eliminates this problem with multi-step approach. First step is partial query caching, which allows quicker turnaround from database system. ke then uses near and far cache to accelerate results by storing all information pieces that are used frequently in memory ready to go out and information that is used less frequently is stored in prepackaged format on ultra fast SCSI RAID system.

Dynamic Homepage Definition

Aside of main homepage, you can define dynamic homepage for all your partners, all products or even all users. If your partner subscribes to certain services, you can dynamically insert appropriate navigation into his or her welcome page. This functionality extends to each vertical application as well, making it possible to define dynamic navigation and layout for eGroups or even message boards.

GUI - The Simple Management Tool

ke comes equipped with windows application that you can run on your system to seamlessly integrate with your website deployment. You can check logs, generate custom reports or even upload files using built-in data transfer interface. Custom reports can generate specific customer lists, such as list of all repeat customers or all customers from U.S.

HTML visual editor

keAdmin integrates a sophisticated WYSIWYG Word-style text editor and HTML editor that provides you with a convenient way of updating and formatting the presentation of content on your website.

FTP Client

keAdmin has a ready to use build-in FTP client. You can browse and preview the images on the server. keAdmin offers intelligent access to the directories on the server: when accessing the server from User Manager, only the directory linked to the specific user will be available. The same for partner and product.

Instant visitor and activity report

Anybody visiting and every click will trigger the logging mechanism, allowing to monitor the website in real-time. IP activity allows to track visitor's activity.

Multiple Administrators

keAdmin integrates a complete editor management system to facilitate multi-access authoring rights. keAdmin includes granular levels of access allowing each author to be assigned a specific access.


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Click here for ke and keAdmin documentation.